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Household and Catering Aluminum Foil

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Product information

Specifications of household aluminum foil paper  :

1)Standard:FDA. SGS. TUV. ISO9001: 2000 2)Length:5m-300m
4)Thickness:0.01mm -0.024mm
5)Weight: 162 -8750g/pc
6)color box:31*5*5cm-64.5*11*11cm
7)Pack: 4 -24pc/CTN
8)Cube:31*21*32cm- 67*24*24cm 

Application of household aluminum foil paper : 
1)Super food Chain-stone 
2)Hotel and restaurant 
3)Fast food and take away food 
4)Airline catering 
5)Out-door barbecue 
6)Party dinner 
7)Family kitchenware 


Feature of  household aluminum foil paper 
1)Environmental protection 
3)Variety of designs for size
4)Disposable and use facility 
5)Low cost


Production Equipments of household aluminum foil paper :
Our company utilizes a 1650 high-speed universal aluminum foil mill production line of high level of automation, an elite imported thickness tester, and an automatized control system. Together with the special corollary equipment, such as the automatically controlled winding machine, CNC grinding machine, SMC's production technique, capacity, and quality of thin aluminum foil products lead domestic markets.

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